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Ecommerce Web Hosting Solutions
JASKE ecommerce hosting solutions offer great opportunities for your business to get on the web. Our cPanel™ web-based control panel allows our customers the flexibility to manage all aspects of their web hosting service, including webmail, password changes, site statistics, script and database management, just to name a few.

Our ecommerce packages include some other features not available in our premium hosting accounts, that are a necessary part of selling online. These include SSL support (including services required to support this, such as a static IP) and more databases, email accounts, hard drive space and bandwidth.

We have been working with business providing IT solutions since 1991, and have found that the lowest cost hosting providers cannot provide business clients with the solutions needed to succeed in today's global markets.

JASKE has been providing web-hosting solutions since 1997, and continues to strive to find new ways to provide our customers with the best price/value options available. All our web hosting packages include a 30-day money back guarantee. Give us a try and you'll see that we are good people who care as much about your success as we do our own.

Package Why choose this one?
Ecommerce Web Hosting Package 1

$30 Setup
This is our starting package that is great for beginning web sites with more than enough space, bandwidth, email accounts and options. If you are not sure what your plans are with your website or do not have specific requirements other than the ability to sell online, then this package is the best to start at, with no cost to upgrade to any other at a later time.
Ecommerce Web Hosting Package 2

$30 Setup
Our Ecommerce2 package is more of the same good stuff you get with the Ecommerce1 package. We include more hard drive space, more bandwidth, more email accounts, more databases and mailing lists. If you need more bandwidth, email or hard drive space than our Ecommerce1 package offers, then look no further.
Ecommerce Web Hosting Package 3

$30 Setup
The Ecommerce3 package is our largest package, with the most features and options that we offer in a shared ecommerce web hosting solution. We are continually adding features to this package and it always includes the latest enhanced hosting feature available. Choose this package if you need alot of HD space, bandwidth, email accounts, or some of the other advanced features available.

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